Fletro Pro Blogger Template Premium Version

Fletro Pro Blogger Template

Fletro Pro Blogger template is a super-fast loading SEO-Optimized theme made by Jagodesain. Fletro Pro v6.0 has a lot of unique features that make it different from other BlogSpot templates as well as popular. Muhammad Maki made this Adsense-friendly Blogger template with his creative skill. The Fletro Pro Blogger Template has a neat and clean design with a smooth scrolling feature. Undoubtedly, Fletro Pro is a lightweight theme with native clean codes. Fletro Pro v6.0 can magically improve blog performance and performance is a very important part of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking. The new Fletro Pro comes with many eye-catching features and I am going to explain these features. Let's start...

Fletro Pro Blogger Template

Fletro v6.0 is one of the most popular BlogSpot templates. As a result, Many BlogSpot users use this template to improving their blog performance as well as their blog design. The Fletro is best suitable for tech-related blogs, food or tutorial blogs. However, Every blog should be SEO Optimized as well as fast loading to rank higher in SERPs such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Fletro has all the features to make a blog user-friendly and also crawler-ready. Fletro has two most eye-catching features and these are dark mode and grid mode. Moreover, Dark mode undoubtedly is a great option to impress your audience because almost everyone loves the dark mode version.

100% Responsive Design

Fletro Pro is a mobile-first Blogger template which means visitors from mobile devices will get high performance. This template is crafted very carefully to ensure that it is suitable for almost every device. It is suitable with mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops.

SEO Optimization

Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger template is crafted with the latest SEO techniques which means your blog can perform better on search engines. This awesome template has the latest schema markups.

Fletro Pro Performance

Fletro Pro v6.0 is super fast as like a rocket speed. According to the Google pagespeed insight report report, Fletro has 97 scores for desktop loading and 92 for mobile devices. GTmetrix shows that Fletro Pro v6.0 loads the full page for 1.5s and 0.3s to paint the first content.

Adsense Ready

Every blog owner wants to earn money from their blog and Google Adsense makes it easy to generate revenue from a blog. Fletro pro v6.0 premium Blogger template is 100% Adsense friendly and there are many sections available to place responsive Adsense ad code. Moreover, Fletro can increase your ad revenue if your blog is monetized and if not then it will help you to get monetized.

Table of Contents (TOC)

Fletro Pro Blogger template has a built-in TOC feature. Table of Contents is very important for blog readers as well as search engine spiders. This template has two options to add TOC to your blog post. The first one is to add automatically add TOC and the second one is to add manually.

HTML Sitemap Page Script

Jagodesain will give you an HTML sitemap script specially made for their customers. So, it is much easier to create an HTML sitemap page for your blog without having any coding knowledge.

Fonts Used In Fletro Pro Blogger Template

Jagodesain use SVG icons for Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger template. As a result, it loads super fast because there is no eliminate render-blocking. You will be given some extra SVG icon code with template documentation for your needs.

Multiple Comment System

Fletro has three different comment systems to enable comments on your blog. For example, These comment systems are the default Blogger comment plugin, Disqus comment widget and Facebook comment plugin. In addition, There is also on scroll Disqus comment system available. And Blogger comment widget has a comment filter option which makes it easier to filter out new or old comments.

Manual Related Post

Fletro has the option to highlight the most related posts manually in every blog post. So, This will be very helpful for your audience and you will achieve a high average duration and also a low bounce rate.

Syntax Highlighter

Fletro Pro v6.0 made it easy for you to highlight syntax in your blog. Please follow the template documentation to learn how to syntax highlight using the Fletro Pro Blogger template.

Fletro Pro Documentation

Jagodesain made a very well-explained documentation for the Fletro Pro BlogSpot theme. This documentation will help you to understand how to use the features of this template. You can follow this documentation to make your blog post more attractive and SEO-friendly.

Template FeaturesAvailability
100% Responsive Design
SEO Optimized
Fast Loading
Mobile Friendly
Fixed Navbar
Mobile Menu
Dark Mode
Grid Mode
SVG Icon
Featured Post Widget
Popular Posts Widget
Related Posts Widget
Author Profile Widget
Sticky Sidebar
Tabs Post
Split Post
Infinite Loader
Automatic Table of Contents
Manual Table of Contents
Manual Related Posts
Lazy YouTube Iframe
Post Share Option
Scroll To Top
Sponsored Post Widget
Sitemap Page
Contact Form Page
Footer Widgets
Syntax Highlighter
Accordion Menu
Disqus Comment
Facebook Comment
New Blogger Comment
Full Page Mode

Price For Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger Template

Fletro Pro Blogger Template will not cut you huge money, the price of this template is normal as like the other template price. Fletro Pro's standard bundle price is $15. There are also available an all bundle option which includes its Fletro AMP and Fletro 3 column Blogger template also. Please click the below Buy Now button to buy this template or see a live demo of this template by clicking the Live Demo button.


Please leave a comment about which feature do you like most of the Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger template. Finally, If you like this template then download Fletro pro v6.0 premium Blogger template from Jagodesain's official website. However, If you face any error with this template then contact the developer or comment below and I will love to solve your issue. Don't forget to share this template with your friends and follow this blog to succeed in your blogging life. Bye!